Tropic Colour 80’S RETRO FILM TITLES (Premium)


Tropic Colour 80'S RETRO FILM TITLES

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File Name Tropic Colour 80’S RETRO FILM TITLES
File size 13.9 GB
Publisher Tropic Colour
update and Published 2022

The 80s had some of the most iconic films… better yet, some of the most iconic typographic styles. We set out to build a powerful header template toolkit from the ground up, giving you complete control over your header design. Not only are all 11+ subtitle templates fully editable, but each template has built-in effects that give you full creative control. From adding grain, chroma shift, flicker, wobble, rack focus, diffuse blur, and more! This pack also includes retro 3D visuals + VHS overlays… resulting in a fully constructed kit of 80s titles! Designed to work seamlessly in Premiere and After Effects via MOGRT (FCPX version coming Fall 2023).

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